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Currency exchange

The Tunisian dinar (Dt) is divided into 1000 millimes.
The value of the dinar is approximately 0.34 euro (in august 2017).
The dinars can be changed only in Tunisia.
The change is possible in the hotel.
It is important to keep foreign exchange voucher in the event of an inspection.


The GSM network covers the entire Tunisian territory.
It is possible to purchase a SIM card from one of the three local operators: Tunisie Telecom, Orange and Oreedoo, especially at the airport or in the many sales points of the operators in Sousse.
The 3G connection is very good in all the Tunisian cities

Credit card

Credit cards are accepted in souvenir shops.
ATMs for withdrawals are available in major cities.


A wide choice is offered to you to make your purchases:

  • souks
  • bazaars near the hotel
  • branches of the National Office of Tunisian Handicrafts.


Not recommended, the risk of paying a fine at the customs border


The cost of living in Tunisia is 50% cheaper than in France.
The possibility of savoring and for a very reasonable budget all what the Sahel region provides as Tunisian culinary delights in the numerous restaurants of the city of Sousse and Port El Kantaoui.
Nightlife is also quite bustling with: theater, pubs, night clubs, etc